Tips and Tricks for Actor Mommies

Becoming a new mom has changed everything about my life and my career. When I started looking, I felt like I could not find any resources for the Actor Mom. The mom that has to do a self-tape, memorize lines, take a dance class or write a screenplay while having a tiny human yelling demands at you that you can't understand. I hope Actor Mommy is one of those resources for you.

  1. The 30 Min Mark

I live my life 30 minutes at a time. I literally set timers for 30 minutes. It either keeps me focused or makes me realize that with a twenty month old getting anything done for thirty minutes is a miracle. Get that workout in, write, go over monologues and then remember even if you only got five minutes worth of work done, you still got work done.

2. The High Chair

For all you experienced moms, don’t say your “Duhs” too loudly please. It became the holy grail for me when I realized my son just wanted to see what I was doing or be on my level. If I have him up in the chair, I can get some work done without losing feeling in my arms or watch my lap top crash to the ground.

3. Sometimes the car has to baby sit.

No, I am not saying leave your kid in the car but I am saying that sometimes you have to take a long drive, stop by Starbucks and write in the car. Mine is either distracted by something while driving or passes out and when that is the only quiet time you get, take advantage. Work on lines, write, hell record your self-tape in the car if that is what you have to do. Make casting aware but if you are a actor mommy working from home, they are going to have to get over it.

4. Self-tapes with a screaming baby.

Move the camera closer to you or buy a mic so your tape picks up your voice and you can lower the background noise later in post. And then sometimes you just have to let it go that you during your perfect tape, your kid might scream and as long as you don’t break, I say it is what is.

5. Be picky when it comes to your jobs.

We don’t have all the time in the world now. 1: you can’t book ALL the jobs and 2: do you really want to? What makes most sense for you and your family. Do the jobs you love and be realistic about your time.

6. Some days you do all the things and sometimes you do none of the things.

Some days, I feel great! My son is cooperating, my artist’s block is gone and I feel like I am on top of the world. I wrote and got the laundry done plus two self-tapes and he isn’t screaming? Winning! Other days, he has smashed poop everywhere, the kitchen is a mess and you don’t have time to breakdown that script like you really wanted to before you submit. Breathe, that’s life and that is okay.

7. Create your own work.

Then it is on your schedule, you are doing what you love and your child can be on set either behind the scenes or involved with your project.

8. Record your lines.

This is something for all actors but record the other character’s lines so you can practice as you hold your little munchkin or say your lines to your kid and practice reacting with a reader that gives you nothing so you won’t be thrown off the next time you have one at an audition.

9. You are a mom and an actor not a housekeeper.

If it’s between housework, playing with your kid or submitting for that show, do the important stuff. Yes, laundry is something you need to do but remember you are working from home with a child first!

10. Wake up at the crack of dawn and record during naps.

Sometimes you have to take a 5am shower and get in a full face of make up to tape at 5:30 before the baby wakes up. This is your life now, keep spoons in the freezer to get rid of those puffy bags and you will be all good!

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