Mother's Day Gift Guide!

Needing some help deciding on what to get the Actor Mommy in your life for Mother's Day? The Actor Mommy gift guide is here to help. Here are A.M.'s top choices for the day that celebrates all things: Mom!

#1 A Masterclass Subscription

My best friend got me a subscription for my first Mother's Day and I have to say its one of the best gifts I have ever gotten! I have watched so many of the classes and I am still in love. Each class ranges from 3 to 4 hours and has workbooks. Its a great gift for a mum who can't make it to class regularly or just wants to learn from amazing professionals in their fields. $180 for a year

#2 A New Planner

This year, I wanted to be better about how I spend my money as well as support small businesses. This Ivory Paper Co Planner is a small business started by a mom and a woman of color! It is all in one and customized so it will take a few weeks to make and ship. Order early! Click the photo to order yours! $49.99

#3 New Headshots

Depending on where your actor mommy is in her journey, she might have dropped the baby weight or decided that was the weight she was always meant to be. Either way, she might need some new headshots to capture her new badass mommy energy. Find a photographer, get her a make up artist and surprise her with a session! $250+

*Brian Jones Photography*

#4 Taping Services

Time is always of the essence for an actor mommy. Get her a babysitter and schedule an hour or two to knock out as much as she can. Multiple slates in multiple outfits (the three she wears the most) with multiple slate variations, ie: name, height, city-name, height, agency- name, height, city and something fun about you...whatever you can think of. Then record a monologue or two and any auditions she might have due that week. So when that last minute audition comes in, the slate or the monologue will be the last thing she has to worry about. Plus, you won't hear a screaming child in the background. $30-100/hr

#5 Foldable Back Drop

This foldable backdrop is great for packing away so your Actor Mommy's little one doesn't knock into it. It creates a professional presentation for her self-tapes and will make the scenes pop!

$49.99 Amazon

#6 New Lights

These small portable lights are great for filming at home. They are small and compact, can store easily at home or on the go. It will be a great addition to any Actor Mommy's at home set up. $44

#7 A New Camera

My husband got me a Canon Rebel T100, last year, for my first Mother's Day...I love it! My self-tapes come out in stellar quality and it is really easy to transfer the files to my computer. Get a matching tripod too so your actor mommy isn't stacking this great gift on a chair, a box of diapers and four uneven books. (Believe me!) $329

#8 An External Hard Drive

If your actor mommy is completing many self-tapes a week or creating her own work, this small and moderately priced external hard drive will definitely be helpful. She can back up all her files without paying a monthly fee to one of the storage websites. $69.99

#9 Acting Classes

Depending on your actor mommy's schedule and what studios are around her, live acting classes are so beneficial, not only for her craft but for her sanity. Zoom can be great if there is a studio out of town she wants to take from or if a babysitter is not an option. In person will give her some me time as well as help her network. It will also give her that film set experience she might be missing, if she has never done it before or its in awhile. $75+

#10 Some Actor Mommy Swag

Grab your Actor Mommy one of our adorable branded t-shirts for only $10. When this Mom is Unleashed, she can conquer the world. DM @actormommy on Instagram, leave a comment with your email on this post or email us directly at to order one today!

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