Meet Actor Mommy: Brittani Minnieweather

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Actor, Activist, Playwright and of course...MOM!

Let's Roll Those Credits:

  • Co-Founder of B.L.A.C.T.

  • Her original play, Sundays at 4, won BEST PLAY at the Atlanta Black Theatre Festival (2019)

  • She wrote and starred in her short film, Joy

  • Freaky Friday

  • Little Shop of Horrors

  • Madeline's Christmas

  • Sweat

  • For Colored Girls

  • Debbie Allen's: Brothers of the Knight

  • Almost Christmas

Cravings of the Day: "...I was so sick. I just remember being really thirsty. Like, I didn't have any wild cravings..."

Favorite Mom Movie:

The Parent Trap

Favorite Mom on TV:

Claire Huxtable

"Today is a good far. We woke up everyone was in a good mood. Baby used the bathroom so we're gonna just chalk this first four/five hours to a win."


"When she touches my face and smiles."

Where to Find Brittani:

Listen to her episode of Actor Mommy

on Spotify and Anchor. FM

And get your tickets to Mom Unleashed to see Brittani and the other Actor Mommies LIVE!

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